Homestead Speedway CCS Motorcycle Racing May 7, 2017, Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of CCS Motorcycle Racing at Homestead on May 7.  (see part 1 here.)  Most of these images are from the ‘afternoon’ races.   I only saw one small cloud in the sky all day, which means I went through a log of SPF 30 sunblock lotion.  Temperature was around 80 for the high of the day.

GTU Experts in turn 7 at Homestead Speedway CCS Motorcycle Races

GTU Experts in turn 7 at Homestead Speedway is the place for racers and fans for race related discussions.  Rules, schedule, etc., will be found on the CCS Racing.US website.

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Homestead Speedway CCS Motorcycle Racing May 7, 2017

I’d like to show you some images from the Championship Cup Series motorcycle races at Homestead Speedway May 7, 2017.

GTO Expert / Amateur split, turn 7 Homestead Speedway

Turn 7 right hander; GTO Expert / Amateur split. is the place for racers and fans to discuss everything race related.

Because all motorcycles and riders have to go through tech inspection before being allowed on the track, the job of Tech Inspector guarantees you get to meet the prettiest racers.

I have a lot of photos from this race, so I will break this up into two blog postings; to see the rest of part 1
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Best Batteries for Off Camera Flash (Speedlights)

If you are more than a ‘guy with camera’ you know how important off-camera flash is; especially on sunny, cloudless, days.  This article deals with battery performance for external camera flash units (‘speedlights’).

As an electronic engineer I have known for decades which type of battery to use in high-current devices.   This video by Maha Energy includes a 2 minute video which shows  you the difference.

I would like to point you to this 2 minute video on the Maha Energy website that shows you the astonishing performance benefit of NiMH battery over alkaline.  Not only do NiMH cells out perform alkaline type, they will pay for themselves and a good charger very quickly.

It is extremely important that you use a good charger with your rechargeable batteries.  If you have been experiencing crappy battery performance or battery life, it is probably the fault of your charger.  Most drugstore / fleamarket battery chargers charge for 14 hours whether the cell needs it or not.  A proper smart charger is the best thing for your rechargeable cells.

I am extremely satisfied with the Maha 8 cell charger and the 4 cell charger / analyzer.

What about lithium-ion battery technology?

Li-ion batteries are the choice for laptop computers and electric cars because they can pack so much energy into such a small space.   And that is exactly why they are dangerous… because they pack so much energy into such a small space and once they catch on fire, there is no way to extinguish the fire.   This is why it is getting more difficult every year to fly with devices which contain li-ion batteries.  It is already very difficult to ship them by “next day air” shipping services.

I expect someday soon we will see speedlight manufacturers jump on to the li-ion fad.  Be assured, I will not be buying one of them, it just will not be worth the expense and difficulty.

“When You Gotta Go” or “Where There’s a Will There’s a Way”

Sometimes, you are determined to go racing, but do not bother to use traditional methods.

Spotted on the infield at Daytona Internations Speedway, March 2017

I would never make fun of this guy.  You have heard that phrase about ‘glass houses’, right?  So let me show you how I often traveled to Moroso and Homestead to race in CCS Lightweight Sportsman Class.

1984 Yamaha RZ350 on its way to Moroso. Probably 1995.

Got to love Ancra Tie Downs.  One on each wheel secure the bike to the bumper, and more go from the handlebars, through both rear windows, and back out and to the rear frame.  It shook and wobbled with every start, stop, or bump.

I eventually bought a one axle enclosed trailer.  One time on the way back from an F.T.R. hare scramble in Okeechobee the bumper of this motorhome suddenly broke, almost completely off.  I was able to stop in town and take care of the situation.

Sons of Speed / Daughters of Speed New Smyrna Speedway

It was a tough decision; I woke up Saturday morning at Daytona International Speedway about 7 hours before the 76th Daytona 200 thinking about the antique / vintage races at New Smyrna Speedway 12 miles away.  Should I actually miss the Daytona 200 to go see a ‘new’ race?  I had no idea what it would be like.  But I did know that I wanted to see 100 year old bikes actually being used.

Of course the tires and wheels were ‘new’.  The frames were replicas.  But the spirit was 100% board track;  no brakes, no suspension, no gear box and no clutches to be found on the track. Read More