Every year, when the weather cools of, Dale of Dale Laboratories hosts a barbeque / swapmeet at his lab in Hollywood, Florida.

Interesting variety of items

My goal was to get rid of a couple of things I no longer use.¬† While I was not successful in selling anything, I did pick up a couple of items that I don’t really need !

This year, the morning started off with a couple of short periods of light drizzling rain, but quickly cleared up.

A small table top light-box for photographing jewelry, insects, etc.

While not ‘selling’ or ‘buying’, we spend lots of time discussing photography equipment and techniques.

Yes, millenials, those are flashbulbs.

The Dale Labs Barbeque & Swapmeet is free to sell, and free food guarantees it is worth the drive.

An interesting selection of vintage gear.

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