September 23, 2018
Bartow, Florida

The Central Florida Trail Riders hare scramble in Bartow, Florida.  The CFTR race “Peace River 2018” is a Florida Trail Riders sanctioned event.

I was unable to attend Saturday races, but here are a few morsels from the Sunday morning race and the afternoon race.  The morning race started 60 minutes later than usual.  I was told that was due to the huge turnout and the registration computers could not get everyone registered by the normal cut-off time.   The afternoon race was delayed only 30 minutes, I believe.

First row, afternoon race

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It was a hot Florida summer day.  When I could find shade at the same time as the occasional breeze, a few sips from the Camelbak, and I felt ok.  I was a bit embarrassed when I went to the food vendor, ordered coffee and then realized I didn’t have a penny on me.  A gentleman I never met before paid the $1 for the coffee.  I regret that I did not ask for his name.

The photos can be identified by the file name you see when you mouse over and wait 1 second; the last 4 digits are the print #.  for example, “Hare-Scrambles-Bartow-Florida-2018-4339

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